ITTF & Swedish Association High Performance Table Tennis Training Camp

Empowering the Next Generation of Table Tennis Champions: ITTF and Swedish Association Collaborate in High-Performance Training Camp

In a strategic move to foster the future of table tennis, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), in collaboration with the Swedish Table Tennis Association, is hosting a comprehensive ITTF High Performance training camp. This initiative aims to nurture young talent and prepare them for the rigors of top-level competition.

Helmed by ITTF Head Coach Eva Jeler, the camp brings together 14 players, accompanied by their coaches, representing 11 diverse Member Associations. The training session takes place from May 29 to June 4 at the Halmstad Arena in Sweden, providing participants with a unique opportunity to hone their skills and gain valuable exposure to international competition.

The camp’s participants include standout talents such as 9-year-old Joseph Sebatindra, who has already displayed impressive skills, as well as Görkem Ocal, a recent champion of the European U13 Championships in both singles and mixed doubles. Ayumi Moriyama, who traveled all the way from Auckland, is also among the attendees, eager to make the most of this transformative training experience.

“The focus of this camp is to first of all assess the technical development of those players that have previously been part of the ITTF programs, and of those who have newly joined,” explains Eva Jeler, the ITTF Head Coach. “Having established their current status and abilities, we will then work, together with their coaches, on developing a sound future system of play that will enable them to develop even further.”

The camp is being held in conjunction with the WTT Youth Contenders events in Helsingborg (June 5-8) and Sandefjord (June 10-13), allowing players and coaches to seamlessly transition from the intensive training sessions to competitive international tournaments. This strategic alignment maximizes opportunities for growth and ensures that the participants can track their training progress and performance against their peers.

As the camp continues, the young table tennis talents are poised to experience a truly enriching time in Halmstad, further solidifying the ITTF and the Swedish Table Tennis Association’s commitment to nurturing future champions through comprehensive training and exposure to global competition.

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