Liam Pitchford Joins Major League Table Tennis – MLTT News 2024

The table tennis world is abuzz with the news that England’s top player, Liam Pitchford, will be joining the Major League Table Tennis (MLTT) revolution next season. The England No 1 will be crossing the Atlantic to compete alongside his compatriot, David McBeath, who is currently part of the league’s inaugural season.

Pitchford’s move to the MLTT promises to be an exciting development for both the player and the growing league. The unique format of the MLTT, where every game counts towards the final score, including a decisive “golden game” featuring all five players from each side, is sure to showcase Pitchford’s skills and experience.

The upcoming MLTT draft, scheduled for May 21 and to be live-streamed on the league’s YouTube channel, will determine which of the eight teams Pitchford will join. Though he may not end up on McBeath’s team, the two English players are certain to provide a formidable presence in the league.

Pitchford, who has previously found success in the Ultimate Table Tennis league in India, where he was named MVP, is eager to contribute to the growth of the sport in America.

“If we want to grow table tennis, then the place to do it is America,”

he said, expressing his desire to be a part of the MLTT’s mission to elevate the sport’s profile.

Despite a recent shoulder injury that has kept him in rehab, Pitchford is hopeful to be fit in time for the upcoming Saudi Smash tournament, though he acknowledges the event may come too soon in his recovery.

As Pitchford prepares for this new chapter in his career, fans of the sport can look forward to the excitement and energy he will bring to the MLTT. With his impressive track record and the league’s innovative format, the 2024/25 season promises to be a thrilling one for table tennis enthusiasts.

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