Sienna Jetha and Max Radiven Secure Cadet National Cup Titles in Table Tennis Showdown

Cadet National Cup Titles Clinched by Top Seeds Sienna Jetha and Max Radiven

The Cadet National Cup saw the top seeds in both the girls’ and boys’ events emerge victorious, as Sienna Jetha and Max Radiven claimed the prestigious titles after two days of intense competition at the St Neots TTC.

Jetha, the top seed, maintained her unbeaten record throughout the round-robin tournament, finishing one win ahead of second seed Eva Eccles, whom she defeated in the final round. Bronze went to third seed Alyssa Nguyen, who won six of her eight matches.

In the boys’ event, top seed Radiven confidently dispatched second seed Kacper Piwowar in the final round to seal the gold medal, with fourth seed Abraham Sellado taking the bronze.

The medallists in both categories had all finished the first day unbeaten, demonstrating their prowess and determination. Although the top players faced some tough challenges, they ultimately proved their superiority, delighting the table tennis enthusiasts in attendance.

“Jetha and Eccles both reached the final round unbeaten, setting up a thrilling gold medal match that went the way of the top seed, Jetha, who prevailed 3-0. Nguyen secured bronze with a comfortable 3-0 victory over Mauli Shah.”

In the boys’ event, Radiven and Piwowar met in the decisive final match, with Radiven emerging victorious in three sets, showcasing his tactical acumen and shot-making ability. Sellado confirmed the bronze medal with a 3-0 triumph over Angad Saggu.

The Cadet National Cup once again proved to be a showcase for the rising stars of table tennis, with the top seeds delivering dominant performances and cementing their status as the ones to watch in the future. The tournament’s exciting conclusion left the spectators eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the careers of Sienna Jetha and Max Radiven.

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