Table Tennis World Record Set in Bristol Charity Event

Table Tennis World Record Shattered as Bristol Duo Raise Thousands for Charity

In a remarkable display of endurance and dedication, table tennis enthusiasts Dan Ives and Lloyd Gregory have set a new world record for the longest rally ever recorded. The duo from Bristol managed to keep up an uninterrupted rally for an astounding 13 hours, 36 minutes, and 36 seconds, surpassing the previous record by over an hour.

The record-breaking feat took place at the PingPod venue in the city, and in addition to the pride and accomplishment, the pair have also raised more than £6,500 for Sands, a charity dedicated to supporting those affected by stillbirth and neonatal death. The cause holds a special significance for Dan, as the charity provided invaluable help and support when he and his wife lost their daughter Lily Rae in 2020. Since then, Dan has been committed to organizing fundraising initiatives to honor her memory.

“Physically, it’s tough. It’s very repetitive. You’re going to quickly get an ache in your body, whether it’s your shoulder or arm,” he explained. “Mentally it’s hard. The amount of times in your mind, you’re like ‘shall we just stop?'”

The duo faced a particularly nerve-wracking moment when they approached the previous record of 11:50.36. “It was so nerve-wracking. I was shaking – I could barely hold my bat,” Dan admitted. However, the moment they surpassed the old record, the tension released, and the pain seemed to ease, as Lloyd described, “As soon as we hit the record, I felt the tension release and the pain kind of eased, my bat felt a little bit lighter. It was a relief.”

This remarkable achievement not only solidifies Dan Ives and Lloyd Gregory’s status as table tennis world record holders but also serves as a testament to their unwavering determination and the power of using sports to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

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