Women & Girls Table Tennis Tournament in Sheffield

The second women & girls 1* event in the North East took place in Sheffield at the prestigious English Institute of Sport. This tournament, supported by British Para Table Tennis and refereed by Carol Miles, featured three categories:

  • Under-21s
  • Over-21s
  • Open event

There were a total of 28 entries from players across Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Durham, Cleveland, Lancashire, Warwickshire, Cheshire, and Hertfordshire.

In the under-21s category, Anisha Kant and Harriet Goodwin reached the final, with Anisha emerging victorious without dropping a single game. The over-21s category saw competitive matches, including Kerry Harvey’s 3-2 win over Gabriela Tankel and Janet Adams’ close victory against Aneta Kula. In the final, Bethany O’Connell secured a 3-0 win.

The open event provided women and girls of all ages an opportunity to compete, enabling younger players to gain valuable experience. Once again, Bethany O’Connell and Janet Adams secured the top positions.

A statement from the organizers emphasized the significance of these events in empowering and fostering inclusivity within the sport. They encourage those interested in hosting similar events in the North East to contact Lauren Evans.

“These women and girls-only events are crucial in showcasing talent and passion for table tennis from diverse backgrounds.”

For more information, contact Lauren Evans.

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