99-Year-Old Table Tennis Phenom Shines at ITTF World Masters in Rome 2024

Ninety-nine-Year-Old Defies Age, Captivates Crowd at ITTF World Masters Championships in Rome 2024

Rome, 2024 – Among the 6,100 players competing at the ITTF World Masters Championships in the Eternal City is Yuet Yu Wa, a remarkable 99-year-old who has captured the attention of all participants. As the oldest player in attendance, her story is one of resilience and unwavering passion for the sport of table tennis.

Yuet Yu Wa’s journey with the game began in her elementary school days, but she set it aside for 85 years. It wasn’t until a family holiday in 2019, when a table tennis table rekindled her interest, that she rediscovered her love for the sport. Playing with her grandchildren, Yuet Yu Wa started practicing a couple of times a month, encouraged by her son John.

Driven by her newfound enthusiasm, Yuet Yu Wa set a goal to compete in the prestigious ITTF World Masters Championships. Now, hailing from New York City and accompanied by 13 family members to support her and celebrate her upcoming 100th birthday in October, she is living that dream in the historic city of Rome.

Yuet Yu Wa’s return to the sport and her participation in this World Championships underscores the inclusive and lifelong appeal of table tennis.

Intergenerational Encounters

In her opening matches, the 99-year-old faced off against Marianne Blasberg from Germany, aged 90, and Ragnhild Lundberg from Sweden, aged 93. These intergenerational encounters truly highlighted the ITTF’s vision of “Table Tennis, for All, for Life” and the dedication of the players.

Inspiring Stories

The presence of Yuet Yu Wa and her fellow nonagenarian competitors serves as a testament to the power of table tennis to transcend age barriers and inspire people of all generations. As the action unfolds in Rome, the world watches in awe, captivated by the stories of these remarkable individuals who prove that passion and perseverance know no bounds.

Stay tuned for updates on the dedicated event page and follow the action live on ITTF’s YouTube channel to witness these inspiring tales unfold on the world’s biggest table tennis stage.

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