Brighton TTC Club Rallies Support for Paralympic Stars

Hometown Heroes: Brighton TTC Club Rallies Behind Paralympians for Paris 2024

As the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games draw near, the Brighton TTC club is set to provide a substantial cheering squad for two of its star players, Will Bayley and Bly Twomey.

With over 70 club members already committed to making the journey to France, and the potential for the number to reach 120 by the time the sporting spectacle kicks off on August 28th, the local community is rallying behind their athletes.

The club has been actively fundraising to support the odyssey, with a recent event at the Unbarred Brewery generating around £4,500 through a silent auction and bar takings. Local businesses, including Fatto A Mano, Brighton & Hove Buses, and Eurostar, have also lent their support to the club’s efforts.

“It’s brilliant to have that kind of support, it’s going to be like a home Games if we’ve got 70 or more people at our matches,” said five-time Paralympian Will Bayley, who was the Class 7 men’s champion at Rio 2016. “We’ve had so much support from the local community and people wanting to be part of it and come with us to follow our journey. It’s just amazing and it gives you that boost when you come out into the arena to see people you know and who’ve supported you all the way.”

For 14-year-old Bly Twomey, who will be one of the youngest members of the British team, the support from the club will be invaluable as she experiences her first Paralympic Games. Her mother, Claire, who is part of the supporting party, expressed her excitement, saying, “It’s amazing. Bly can’t wait for the support and I can’t wait to cheer her on with everyone else from the club.”

The unwavering support from the Brighton TTC club is a testament to the strong community spirit and the power of table tennis to bring people together. As the Paris 2024 Paralympics approach, the club’s traveling army of supporters is sure to provide a significant boost to Bayley, Twomey, and the rest of the British team.

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