Paris 2024 Table Tennis Qualifiers: May’s Thrilling Events Unveiled

May is shaping up to be an electrifying month for table tennis enthusiasts worldwide as the journey towards the Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics intensifies. With the final stretch to secure qualification, athletes from across the globe are poised to engage in captivating battles, vying for their chance at Olympic and Paralympic glory.

The excitement kicks off on May 8th with the Southeast Asia Regional Olympic Qualification Event, promising thrilling matches and nail-biting moments for fans and players alike. This is followed by the ITTF-Oceania Olympic Singles Qualification Event on May 10th, where athletes will leave it all on the table in pursuit of their Olympic dreams.

As the month progresses, the intensity only rises. From May 13th to 15th, the South Asia Regional Olympic Qualification Event takes center stage, with the ITTF Americas Olympic Qualification Event scheduled from May 14th to 17th. Europe’s top talent will showcase their skills in the European Olympic Qualification event from May 15th to 19th, while Africa, West Asia, and Central Asia host their respective Regional Olympic Qualification Events during the same period.

For para table tennis players, May holds equal significance with the Paralympic World Qualification Tournament 2024 set to take place from May 23rd to 25th in Pattaya, Thailand. This event will feature intense competition in Men’s singles (classes 1 to 11) and Women’s singles (classes 1-2, 3 to 11), with 21 spots up for grabs—11 for men and 10 for women.

Fans can stay up-to-date with all the latest developments by visiting, where the drama of Olympic and Paralympic qualification will unfold. With every match, every point, and every victory, the Road to Paris 2024 becomes an unforgettable chapter in the history of table tennis. These players will join those who have already secured their spots, forming a diverse and talented lineup for the upcoming games.

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