Empowering Global Table Tennis Talent: ITTF Scholarship Program Update

Table Tennis Scholarship Program Continues to Empower Emerging Talents Worldwide

Published: [Current Date], [Current Year] | Source: ITTF

The “With The Future In Mind” program, a core component of the ITTF’s Athlete Development model, continues to support promising table tennis prospects from around the globe in their pursuit of Olympic and Paralympic dreams. In 2024, the program will once again target athletes from all continents, in collaboration with Olympic Solidarity.

One of the long-time beneficiaries of the scholarship is Hana Goda from Egypt, who has won the African Championships, the ITTF Africa Cup, and a mixed doubles Youth World Championships while receiving support from the program. Another recipient, Nicholas Lum from Australia, has been part of the initiative for several years and is the winner of the ITTF Oceania Cup, as well as a semi-finalist at both the senior and youth ITTF Oceania Championships.

The program has also renewed scholarships for U15 European Champion Tiago Abiodun from Portugal and 2023 ITTF World Hopes Challenge winner Kulapassr Vijitviriyagul from Thailand. Thirteen new recipients will also benefit from the program this year, with a focus on the U15 age group, including former World Hopes players like European U13 Champion Danilo Faso from Italy.

Alongside the global “With The Future In Mind” scholarships, the ITTF’s Sport Development strategy includes Continental Youth Grants and Para TT Athlete Grants, which aim to support emerging talents and ensure inclusivity within the table tennis community. Recipients of the Continental Youth Grants include Tania Morice from Algeria, Sally Moyland from the USA, Giulia Takahashi from Brazil, and Won Bae from Australia, who have demonstrated exceptional skill and commitment on the international stage.

The Para TT Athlete Grants exemplify the ITTF’s dedication to promoting and supporting Para table tennis. Amongst the successful grant recipients are Samuel Altshuler, a Class 6 athlete who achieved a career-best ranking of 38 at only 15 years of age, and young players like Lucas Carvalhal Arabian and Allana Maschio from Brazil, who secured medals at the 2023 Para Pan American Games.

“To develop athletes globally, our athlete support opportunities focus on fostering excellence and accessibility,” said Mikael Andersson, the ITTF’s Sports Development Director. “Through initiatives like the With The Future In Mind scholarships, Continental Youth Grants, and PTT Athlete Grants, we are investing in the development of future table tennis stars while championing values of diversity and inclusion.”

In total, the ITTF’s Sport Development programs and projects will be supporting 79 athletes from 47 Member Associations across the globe.

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