Empowering the Next Generation of Para Table Tennis Stars in Britain

Empowering the Next Generation of Para Table Tennis Stars: British Clubs Invited to Discover Emerging Talent

In a groundbreaking partnership, British Para Table Tennis (BPTT) has secured funding from UK Sport to deliver a series of talent recruitment days across the country. Table tennis clubs are now invited to join this exciting initiative and help uncover the next generation of Paralympic athletes.

The talent recruitment days will consist of training sessions designed to identify and nurture promising para players. Clubs that participate will receive a £1,000 grant to support their efforts. Each club is required to host a minimum of one talent recruitment session and six subsequent training sessions, scheduled over a period of six weeks starting in late August or early September.

“Working closely with BPTT, the participating clubs will promote these sessions through various online and media channels, aiming to raise awareness about the thriving world of para table tennis and inspire new potential athletes.”

Upon completion of the training sessions, all athletes and coaches will be invited to an open day and eligibility assessment at the home of British Para Table Tennis in EIS Sheffield on October 30. This event will feature classifiers who will evaluate the participants, paving the way for their integration into the paralympic pathway.

Even clubs that are not awarded the £1,000 grant are encouraged to establish connections with the Toyota Everybody Moves Campaign and promote their table tennis activities in the lead-up to the Paralympic Games and beyond. BPTT will also list all interested clubs on the table finder platform, making them accessible to aspiring para players.

Clubs eager to be a part of this transformative initiative are advised to download and complete the application form, and submit it to [email protected] by the July 19 deadline. Successful applicants will be notified in the week of July 29.

This partnership between British clubs and BPTT represents a significant step forward in the pursuit of para table tennis excellence. By empowering local clubs to engage with and nurture emerging talent, the sport is poised to witness the rise of a new generation of Paralympic champions.

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