Stupa Sports Analytics Named Official Streaming Partner for ITTF World Masters Table Tennis Championships Rome 2024

Stupa Sports Analytics Announced as Streaming Partner for ITTF World Masters Table Tennis Championships Rome 2024

In a landmark move, Stupa Sports Analytics, a leading sports technology company, has been named the official streaming partner for the highly anticipated ITTF World Masters Table Tennis Championships, set to take place in Rome, Italy, in 2024. This event is poised to make history, as it is expected to attract a staggering 6,000 participants, making it the largest table tennis gathering ever witnessed.

The 2024 World Masters Championships will feature an impressive array of 11 age categories, with titles contested in men’s and women’s singles, doubles, and mixed doubles events. For the first time, the competition will also include para table tennis, exemplifying the ITTF’s unwavering commitment to making the sport accessible and inclusive for all.

“From July 7th to July 14th, 2024, Stupa Sports Analytics will provide comprehensive live streaming coverage of the matches on the ITTF’s official YouTube channel.”

To ensure a top-notch viewing experience, the company will set up cameras on 11 tables, capturing all the action across the various categories. With three cameras focused on the feature table to enable seamless multicam switching, and one camera per each of the remaining tables, the streams will offer a wealth of additional features, including point histories, score summaries, and scoreboard displays.

Furthermore, the opening and closing ceremonies of the ITTF World Masters Table Tennis Championships Rome 2024 will also be streamed live by Stupa Sports Analytics, allowing fans from around the world to witness this historic event unfold in its entirety.

This partnership between Stupa Sports Analytics and the ITTF underscores the growing importance of table tennis as a globally beloved sport, and the commitment to providing fans with an immersive and accessible viewing experience. As the table tennis community eagerly awaits the 2024 World Masters Championships, this announcement is sure to generate great excitement among players, enthusiasts, and casual fans alike.

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