England’s Table Tennis Stars: Euro Mini Champs Squad Revealed

England Selects Talented Table Tennis Squad for Euro Mini Champs

The England table tennis team is set to send a nine-player squad to the upcoming Euro Mini Champs, featuring several gold medalists from the prestigious Mark Bates Ltd U10-13 National Championships. Leading the charge are Violet-Lily Marquis and Dimitar Dimitrov, who both emerged victorious in multiple singles age categories at the national event.

Joining the dynamic duo are fellow singles champions Amber Lemmon and Pablo Ramirez Rioja, as well as doubles titleholder Hannah Saunders. The full roster for the Euro Mini Champs, scheduled from August 23-25 in Schiltigheim, France, is as follows:

  • Under 11s:
    • Girls – Amber Lemmon
    • Boys – Li Hao Chen, Dimitar Dimitrov
  • Under 13s:
    • Girls – Violet-Lily Marquis, Alyssa Nguyen, Hannah Saunders
    • Boys – Ryan Goodier, Aarav Parihar, Pablo Ramirez Rioja

Coaches Carlo Agnello, Charlotte Carey, and Gordon Fearn will accompany the talented table tennis table squad as they aim to capture top honors at the European competition.

“With a wealth of experience and proven success at the national level, this English team is poised to make a strong impression on the international stage, showcasing their exceptional table tennis bat skills and ball control. Fans of the sport can expect an exciting showcase of table tennis prowess from this formidable lineup of young table tennis players.”

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