Outdoor Table Tennis Tables Enhance Active Living in Girton

Outdoor Table Tennis Tables Boost Local Activity in Girton

Residents of Girton, just outside Cambridge, are embracing a more active lifestyle thanks to the recent installation of two new outdoor table tennis tables. The Parish Council, in partnership with Table Tennis England, brought these facilities to the village’s recreation ground late last year, providing a new avenue for the community to enjoy the sport.

The official ribbon-cutting ceremony was presided over by Chris Bryden, Table Tennis England’s Area Manager (East), who expressed his delight at the council’s efforts to make table tennis more accessible. > “It was fantastic to be invited to Girton to officially open the outdoor tables,” Bryden commented. “By providing table tennis tables for people to use free of charge in the heart of a community, this is an excellent example of our national strategy, Table Tennis United, to ‘meet people where they are at.'”

Local children were among the first to try out the new tables, and an exhibition match featuring Ewa Foskett and Simon Pryke from nearby St Neots TTC further showcased the sport’s appeal. Councillor Nas Hayat, representing Girton Parish Council, emphasized the council’s commitment to creating more opportunities for residents to engage in sporting activities.

“We are delighted to be able to officially open the outdoor table tennis tables for public use at Girton Recreation Ground,” Hayat stated. “As a parish council, we purchased the tables directly from Table Tennis England towards the end of 2023. The development of the outdoor table tennis area is part of a larger investment into improving local sporting facilities in Girton, and moving forwards, we hope to develop indoor table tennis provision as well, utilizing the pavilion at the recreation ground.”

Bryden expressed his enthusiasm for continued collaboration with Girton Parish Council, stating, “I look forward to working with them moving forwards to develop more exciting opportunities” for the community to engage in table tennis.

The installation of these outdoor table tennis tables marks a significant step in Girton’s efforts to promote active lifestyles and provide accessible sporting facilities for residents. Table tennis enthusiasts in the area can now enjoy the game in the great outdoors, while the parish council’s plans for further investments in both indoor and outdoor table tennis facilities promise a bright future for the sport in Girton.

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