National Series Unveiled for Top Young Table Tennis Players

Unveiling the New National Series for Top Young Table Tennis Players

In a move to elevate the competitive landscape for the nation’s top young table tennis talents, the highly anticipated National Series will commence in August, with the schedule and host clubs now confirmed. This new initiative aims to provide a regular, high-quality competitive platform for the leading players across three age groups.

The National Series will feature multiple divisions in the Under-13, Cadet, and Junior categories, with both boys and girls competing in a round-robin format. The divisions will include promotion and relegation opportunities between rounds, ensuring a dynamic and challenging environment for the participants.

“This new National Series is a critical step in implementing the National Competition Review, which aims to deliver a robust and fit-for-purpose competition program to support the future growth and success of table tennis in the country.”

The series will take place over four weekends, with venues rotating between Draycott & Long Eaton TTC, St Neots TTC, Joola Plymouth TTC, and Nottingham TTC. The Under-13s will compete on August 24-25 and February 1-2, the Cadets on October 19-20 and February 1-2, and the Juniors on August 24-25, October 19-20, and November 23-24.

Player invitations will be issued following the July ranking run, with a closing date of August 7 for the first round on August 24-25. The Event Regulations have been finalized and are available for download on the National Series homepage.

This innovative National Series promises to elevate the standard of youth table tennis, providing a platform for the most promising talents to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level. Table tennis enthusiasts can look forward to an exciting season of top-tier competition as the future stars of the sport take the stage.

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