Isle of Wight Table Tennis Tournament 2024: Results & Victories

The Isle of Wight’s annual table tennis tournament Finals saw a diverse range of achievements, with both experienced and young players emerging victorious across various events – handicapped, open, and age-related singles and doubles categories. The increased attendance to witness the closely contested and thrilling matches was a welcome sight.

Pat Thorley retained her Ladies’ Singles title, overcoming Nicky Dando in the final. In the Men’s Singles, island newcomer Steve Mills clinched the championship, defeating Mark Taylor. Steve’s path to the title involved overcoming last year’s winner, Hugh Idle, in the semi-finals, while the promising 17-year-old Ryan Cates provided a stern challenge before succumbing to Mills in a closely fought contest.

Later, Cates teamed up with Paul Rainford to emerge victorious in the Men’s Doubles event.

Isle of Wight Table Tennis Association chairman, Alex Rorke, expressed delight at the successful Finals Night, highlighting the growing popularity of the sport on the island and the excellent facilities available at the Smallbrook Stadium.

The full results from the evening’s events are as follows:

  • Gordon Burns Handicapped Singles:

    • Winner: Jye Lock
    • Runner-up: Ryan Cates
  • Island Echo Cup:

    • Winner: Ryan Cates
    • Runner-up: Ethan Millward
  • Handicapped Doubles:

    • Winners: Joe Chapman & Ryan Cates
    • Runners-up: Derek Pittard & Tom Flood
  • Vets Singles Over-70s:

    • Winner: Dave Hilliam
    • Runner-up: Keith Baker
  • Vets Singles Over-60s:

    • Winner: Mike Turner
    • Runner-up: Don Hobbs
  • Vets Singles Over-40s:

    • Winner: Steve Mills
    • Runner-up: Paul Rainford
  • Juniors / Cadets:

    • Junior Winner: Lewis Johnstone
    • Junior Runner-up: Joe Chapman
    • Cadets Winner: Jye Lock
    • Cadets Runner-up: Thane Taylor
  • Division 2 Championship:

    • Winner: Charlie Stapeley
    • Runner-up: Steve Gibbons
  • Division 3 Championship:

    • Winner: Chris Gordine
    • Runner-up: Shane Cates
  • Men’s Doubles:

    • Winners: Paul Rainford & Ryan Cates
    • Runners-up: Hugh Idle & Lewis Johnstone
  • Women’s Doubles:

    • Winners: Pat Thorley & Elaine Mills
    • Runners-up: Nicky Dando & Nikki Turner
  • Mixed Doubles:

    • Winners: Anna Joyce & Don Hobbs
    • Runners-up: Pat Thorley & Tim Giles
  • Men’s Singles:

    • Winner: Steve Mills
    • Runner-up: Mark Turner
  • Ladies’ Singles:

    • Winner: Pat Thorley
    • Runner-up: Nicky Dando

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