ITTF Deepens Sustainability Collaboration with Table Tennis Rubber Manufacturer

Table Tennis Governing Body Deepens Sustainability Collaboration with Leading Rubber Manufacturer

In a continued effort to promote a more sustainable future for table tennis and its equipment, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) President, Petra Sörling, recently visited the headquarters of ESN, one of the leading table tennis rubber manufacturers, in Germany. This visit marks the second stop on the ITTF’s tour of table tennis equipment manufacturers, following a successful trip to Japan.

Deepening the Relationship between ITTF and ESN

Hosted by ESN’s Managing Director, Dr. Hans Persson, the aim of the visit was to deepen the relationship between the ITTF and the manufacturer, as well as to explore collaborative opportunities to enhance the sustainability of table tennis equipment.

Joined by key members of the ITTF, including Karine Teow, the Head of Sustainability, and ESN’s representatives, the group gained firsthand insight into the manufacturer’s comprehensive approach to integrating sustainability into their culture and processes. Examples ranged from utilizing solar panels to provide half of the building and production’s electricity, to repurposing rubber waste instead of resorting to burning.

ESN’s Commitment to Sustainability

ESN also demonstrated its commitment to sustainability through initiatives such as:

  • Measuring their environmental footprint
  • Conducting internal and external sustainability surveys
  • Investing in sustainable material testing and development

Expressing Satisfaction and Encouragement

Expressing her satisfaction with the visit, President Petra Sörling stated:

“I commend ESN for their strategic approach to sustainability and their dedication to integrating it into their organizational culture. There is momentum gained following the recent decision of the Federation of International Table-Tennis Manufacturers (FIT) to establish a sustainability working group. Together, all stakeholders need to continue paving the way for more Sustainable Table Tennis Equipment.”

Karine Teow, the ITTF Head of Sustainability, also shared her encouragement at ESN’s progress in embedding sustainability within their DNA:

“It is crucial to share the best practices emerging from these visits. I will explore avenues to support this endeavour in the future. Leveraging this newfound dynamic is instrumental in advancing the sustainability agenda collaboratively.”

Continued Collaborative Efforts

The ITTF President will continue her visits to table tennis equipment manufacturers in China later this month, further strengthening the collaborative efforts to drive forward initiatives for more sustainable table tennis equipment, ensuring a brighter and greener future for the sport.

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