ITTF President’s Sustainable Journey in China with Table Tennis Manufacturers

In a bid to foster stronger ties with manufacturers and drive sustainable practices within the table tennis equipment industry, ITTF President Petra Sörling, accompanied by key members of the ITTF, recently concluded a transformative journey in China. This visit followed successful trips to Japan and Germany.

Facilitated by the China Table Tennis Association (CTTA) and joined by CTTA Secretary General He Xiao, ITTF President Petra Sörling and Karine Teow, ITTF Head of Sustainability, embarked on a comprehensive tour of Double Happiness (DHS) headquarters and one of their innovative manufacturing bases in the Suzhou area. Guided by DHS General Manager Mr. Lou Shihe, the ITTF representatives gained invaluable insights into the company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation, which has been bolstered by governmental support.

At DHS, the ITTF witnessed the strides made in sustainability integration, evidenced by the company’s three ISO certifications. Sustainability has become a cornerstone of DHS’s decision-making, reflected in their emphasis on research and development to source more sustainable materials.

The visit continued with a trip to Double Fish’s factory, where ITTF representatives were welcomed by Double Fish Chairman Mr. Wang Xiaodong. Amid technologically efficient production processes, Double Fish showcased its dedication to a sustainable future through investments in technology and responsible manufacturing practices, including initiatives such as solar panels and wood waste reduction strategies.

ITTF President Petra Sörling expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “Visiting China has been truly enlightening—a journey akin to visiting another integral part of our global family. From Japan to Germany and now China, witnessing the industry’s commitment to sustainability has been inspiring. I’m impressed by the rapid adaptations to meet regulatory standards and the proactive steps taken by our equipment manufacturers and brands.”

Karine Teow, ITTF Head of Sustainability, echoed these sentiments, highlighting the diverse approaches to sustainability within China’s table tennis industry and the industry’s openness to collaboration. She expressed the ITTF’s commitment to supporting the industry’s sustainability efforts, leveraging the FIT (International Federation Table Tennis Manufacturers) Sustainability Working Group to set standards, promote awareness, and educate the table tennis community about the ongoing sustainability initiatives.

  • Sustainable practices
  • ITTF President Petra Sörling
  • China Table Tennis Association (CTTA)
  • Double Happiness (DHS)
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  • FIT (International Federation Table Tennis Manufacturers) Sustainability Working Group

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