Table Tennis Participation Trends and Initiatives in the UK

The latest Active Lives survey by Sport England has revealed that nearly 350,000 people in the UK regularly participate in table tennis. The survey, conducted from November 2022 to November 2023, found that 349,600 individuals had taken part in the sport at least twice within the past 28 days.

This figure remains relatively steady compared to the previous year’s Active Lives report, which covered the period from November 2021 to November 2022. The survey also highlighted several key trends across the broader population and range of activities:

  • Longstanding inequalities persist, with women being less likely to be physically active than men. The survey found that 65.9% of men are active, compared to 61.2% of women.

  • The level of physical activity is influenced by geographic location, with those living in more deprived areas less likely to be active than those in less deprived areas.

  • Notably, activity levels among those aged 55 and above have reached the highest point since records began, with individuals over the age of 75 driving this positive trend.

To address these findings, Table Tennis England has developed several initiatives that are delivering results:

  • The organization is committed to achieving gender parity in the sport and recently hosted an activation and insight session in Manchester on International Women’s Day.

  • The creation of the Area Manager Network allows Table Tennis England to work closely with local clubs and communities that are most in need.

  • The renewed partnership with charities and community organizations, including Sported, aims to engage with individuals in deprived areas.

Furthermore, Table Tennis England is supporting clubs and community groups in providing “Bat & Chat” sessions, which are designed to engage people aged 55 and over.

These efforts by Table Tennis England demonstrate the organization’s commitment to promoting and fostering table tennis participation across diverse demographics, with a focus on addressing longstanding inequalities and engaging with underrepresented groups.

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