ITTF Paralympic World Singles Qualification Highlight Athletes for Paris 2024

As the Sun Set on the ITTF Paralympic World Singles Qualification Tournament in Pattaya

Women’s Singles: Standout Performances

In the women’s singles, independent athletes Elena Prokofeva, Maliak Alieva, and Victoriya Safanova, all competing in the same classes as in Tokyo, kept their Paralympic dreams alive. Prokofeva, the gold medallist, triumphed in class 11, while silver medallists Alieva and Safanova emerged victorious in classes 6 and 7, respectively.

Men’s Singles: Securing Tickets to Paris

On the men’s side, Thailand’s Thirayu Chueawong (class 3) and Germany’s Bjoern Schnake (class 7) booked their tickets to Paris. Both athletes were bronze medallists in the men’s team events in Tokyo—Chueawong in class 3 and Schnake in class 6-7. Another noteworthy performance came from Hou Chunxia, a Beijing 2008 bronze medallist, who claimed victory in the women’s singles class 10.

Impressive Records and Repeat Successes

The tournament also highlighted several players with impressive records at the World Para Championships who secured their places for Paris. Italy’s Andrea Borgato (men’s singles class 1), Argentina’s Maria Garrone (women’s singles class 1-2), Thailand’s Wijittra Jaion (class 4) and Panwas Sringam (class 5) all emerged victorious, having previously claimed medals at the Andalucia 2022 World Para Championships in Granada.

Jennyfer Parinos, the women’s singles class 9 champion in Pattaya, was also a member of Brazil’s gold medal-winning team at the 2017 World Team Para Championships in Bratislava, showcasing her readiness to challenge for honours in Paris.

Chile’s Matias Pino (men’s singles class 6) and Japan’s Takeshi Takamori (men’s singles class 11) also secured their Paris tickets, while Thailand’s Patamawadee Intanon triumphed in women’s singles class 3. Pino won gold at the 2023 Para Pan American Games, Intanon claimed gold in class 1-3 at the 2023 World Ability Games, and Takamori secured silver at the 2022 Asian Games.

Emerging Threats and International Victories

Formidable opponents in Paris could also include those who have claimed titles at international tournaments this year, such as independent athlete Elena Litvinenko (women’s singles class 8), Frenchman Sylvain Noel (men’s singles class 3), and independent athlete Ivan Karpov (men’s singles class 10).

Earlier this year, bronze medallists on the Costa Brava, Japan’s Genki Saito (class 4) and Serbia’s Mitar Palikuca (class 5), topped their categories in Pattaya. Likewise, Liu Chaodong from China (men’s singles class 9) and Croatia’s Borna Zohil (men’s singles class 8), who claimed silver and bronze respectively in Poland, won gold in Pattaya.

“With their tickets to Paris secured, the athletes now turn their attention to the upcoming 2024 ITTF Taipei City Para Open, commencing on May 29th. This event will set the stage for what promises to be an exhilarating Paralympic showdown in the French capital.”

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