Evans Cup and Hammarlund Cup: ITTF World Cup Trophies and Event Details

The Prestigious Evans Cup: Showcasing the Best in ITTF Men’s World Cup

The Evans Cup: A Legacy of Excellence

The prestigious Evans Cup, named after Roy Evans, the second president of the ITTF, is awarded to the champion of the ITTF Men’s World Cup. This renowned trophy was first introduced in 1980 in Hong Kong, China. Over the past 41 editions, China has dominated the competition, winning the Evans Cup a remarkable 26 times. Guo Yuehua, the first-ever winner, later reclaimed the trophy in 1982. Notably, Ma Lin and Fan Zhendong hold the joint record for the most Evans Cup wins, each securing the title four times.

The Hammarlund Cup: Honoring Women’s Table Tennis Excellence

Complementing the men’s event, the ITTF Women’s World Cup features the Hammarlund Cup, named after Sven-Olaf ‘Lollo’ Hammarlund, the fourth ITTF president. Since the inaugural women’s championship in 1996 in Hong Kong, China, the Hammarlund Cup has been lifted by Chinese players 23 out of 24 times, with Liu Shiwen holding the record of five wins.

Captivating Medals, Celebrating Macao’s Heritage

The 2024 ITTF Men’s and Women’s World Cup medals, designed to reflect the rich cultural heritage of Macao, China, take inspiration from the lotus flower, the floral emblem of the region. The elegant and minimalist medal design, crafted from a single piece of pure copper casting, conveys the blossoming of the lotus and symbolizes Macao’s enduring prosperity and resilience.

Ticket Information: Secure Your Spot for the Showdown

Tickets for this highly anticipated event have been on sale since March 22, with fans able to make reservations through various platforms, including the Damai app, Cityline Ticketing, and Macao Ticketing Network. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the world’s top table tennis stars compete for the prestigious Evans Cup and Hammarlund Cup.

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