Paris 2024 Para Table Tennis: Rankings, Athletes, and Glory Await

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As the highly anticipated April ITTF Para Table Tennis Rankings were unveiled, a remarkable 109 athletes have secured their spots for the eagerly awaited Paris 2024 Paralympic Games. This milestone achievement comes on the heels of 91 players who had previously earned their berths during the 2023 ITTF PTT Regional Championships. The road to Paris continues, with the upcoming doubles rankings set to be revealed on April 22nd, followed by the pivotal World Qualification Event taking place in Pattaya, Thailand, from May 23rd to 25th.

Veteran Paralympians Set to Shine

Among the standout performers are Slovakia’s Jan Riapos and Spain’s Jose Manuel Ruiz Reyes, who are poised to make history by competing in their eighth Paralympic Games. From Atlanta to the present day, these stalwarts of Para table tennis have etched their names in the sport’s annals, with Riapos aiming to add to his tally of four golds, one silver, and one bronze in Class 2, while Ruiz Reyes seeks his elusive first gold medal in Class 10 after securing silver thrice and bronze twice.

China’s Dominance Continues

In a remarkable quest, China’s Liu Jing has secured her qualification, putting her in pursuit of an extraordinary fifth consecutive singles gold medal in Paris – a feat that has never been achieved by any female player in the history of Para table tennis.

Emerging Talent and Competitive Landscape

As the excitement builds, China, Korea Republic, and the host nation France have emerged as the frontrunners, with 20, 16, and 14 players, respectively, already securing their spots in Paris. This formidable contingent has fueled anticipation among fans, as they eagerly await to see whether this dominance will translate into podiums and medals.

In a historic moment, 20-year-old Matthew Ryan Britz of New Zealand has become the trailblazer for his nation, earning his place in the fiercely contested Class 7 category, which features seven players within a tight range of 10 ranking points.

“The stage is set for the captivating Para table tennis events at Paris 2024, scheduled to unfold from August 29th to September 8th at the South Paris Arena 4. Fans can secure their tickets through the official Paris 2024 ticketing platform, as they prepare to witness the thrilling action unfold daily throughout the Games.”

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